It threatens for days, clouding over then passing, a low rumbling thunder in the distance, then nothing. Another day the clouds appear again, threatening. You feel a drop, then a few. Taking cover, cheering it on, you’re hoping for the skies to open wide a deluge but the ground is barely wet and you carry on, questioning your disappointment. 

One day the incoming clouds aren’t quite the same, this time holding depth of colour like a deep ocean. The base rumbling sound like hunger moves in a little closer, the wind seems to come out of nowhere touching everything in sight, flashes of lightening break the sky, you hear a slow tap-tap on the window or road before you, then all of a sudden the sky sounds like a rushing waterfall and the ground moves in streams before of you. 

The rain has come. 

We cheer it on, this time satisfied in its fullness and awed by its power and ability to change the world around us so quickly.  The rain has come and we all sigh in relief. 

I truly never deeply craved rain like I have here. Don’t we all long for the warmth and energy of the sun? True, after days or weeks of sunless skies and bone chilling cold and damp, we need the sun to brighten our eyes and warm us. But just like we need relief from the grey, I’ve found I need relief from the sun. Here, in Jakarta, without rain the smog sits, literally suffocating the city. The heat is trapped and wind only feels like a furnace blowing in an already hot, stuffy room. 

Perhaps the relief is only for our minds and souls. A change in pressure, in the sky, in the air, the sounds of rushing water from the sky and down the roads, the striking brightness and artistry of the lightening that mesmerizes, the booming of thunder that cannot be ignored, and the flush of green all around.

It all combines to change the season in a season-less world and somehow, to bring calm and relief in the tumult of it’s power.

Welcome rainy season.

(I wrote this at the beginning of November, when after months of no rain, it finally came. Now, two and a half months later, we’ve had a much rainier season than my experience from last year and many of you may have heard of the flooding on New year’s eve. We seem to have gone from the afternoon once a day rain, to waking up many mornings to long rainy days. I still love a good storm and enjoy the many clearer days, but wouldn’t mind a few more sunny days 😉

On a clear day, you can see the mountains

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