Welcome 2020. What Happened to 2019?

It has certainly been a while since I’ve updated my blog.

During these last months I have written and half written many posts, only to allow other things to push posting off of my to-do list. 

We’re still here, in Jakarta and doing really well! 

The End.









Just kidding! I’ll give you the quick recap and then I hope to get back into writing more topic specific posts for you. 

For me, the fall brought on a wave of emotion that I did not expect. We hit a groove here and the summer break was a wonderful time spent with grandparents, traveling, and refreshing time together as a family. We both agreed that it was good to take shorter trips and just be home, although I started out being jealous of all those going to spend time with family and friends in their home countries. 

The beginning of the new school year brought the excitement that a new year does, as well as many new faces. Yet, while I enjoyed meeting all of these new staff and families, I found myself being hit with thoughts like , ‘Wow, this year is going to be different, am I ok with that?’, or ‘we’re doing this again?!” It was odd to feel so comfortable and purposeful and yet wonder what on earth we were doing. We weren’t the new people any more. In some ways I felt so proud to be able to show off my Jakarta, like a child showing off their new skill of doing a cartwheel. In some ways I did  (and still do) feel like such a novice. But it’s like any area of life. We need to give ourselves a break and know it’s ok to not know it all. Life is about learning and learning is a process that is never really finished. 

And now? Those new faces are familiar people, part of our daily life. The ones that are gone are still missed.

As the rest of my family headed back to school and routine I found myself hibernating a little more, clinging to God and his promises while stuck inside my brain. Finally emerging in October.

I am so proud of my kids for how they have embraced their new life here. They’ve enjoyed going in to school earlier with their dad and being part of the staff kids waiting for school to start.

I also continue to be in awe of how God equips and blesses M in his work. He has such a passion to see things done well for God’s glory.

The last half of 2019 we continued our travels with another trip to Singapore (a necessity for our Visas), a short trip to Bogor, (south of Jakarta) for a nature break in October and to Malaysia over the Christmas holidays. M also had work trips to Singapore and Hong Kong. 

We experienced an earthquake, welcomed a colleague from Canada for a week, became members of a local church, went on school trips, saw wild monkeys, lizards and birds, celebrated Canadian Thanksgiving AND American Thanksgiving, celebrated birthdays, began learning piano, dealt with mosquitos, learned how to make sourdough bread, welcomed a baby, sent home happy birthday wishes, melted in the heat, cheered on the rain, prayed for the rain to stop, celebrated everything with our SPH community, tried new foods, swam (a lot), mourned that we live in a big city, and loved the things about our city and our community.

Before Christmas we welcomed my sister and her family for a week. A year and a half since we saw them last and we picked up as if no time had passed. I am truly thankful for my family. 

I’m also happy to say we’ve had no injuries since our Perth incident! We celebrated an injury free trip to Malaysia with N coming home with a fever instead. But that’s nothing out of the ordinary to our life here. Fevers ‘for no reason’ happen and illness seems to hit us hard when it comes. But we have access to great medical care and quick access to advice from those who have ‘been there, done that.’ 

I hope 2020 brings continued purpose to your life wherever you may be and that the here and now, although it may not come with clarity, does come with peace in the Lord.

(Also, I promised myself this post wouldn’t sit here for months, so I’m posting without photos in an effort to make sure that happens.)

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