July 15-16 Airports and Arrivals

Beginning of our flight
Ready to fly!

Our flight from Toronto to Taipei was closer to 15 hours than the 16 I had originally thought. We enjoyed our Premium Economy seats, the four of us in a row with a comfortable space in front of and around each of us. At 2am, I thought for sure we would put on a movie and the kids would fall asleep fast, they had been up since 7:30am. But no, they’re eyes were glued to their personal sized screen right in front of them, expertly coordinated to the same movie at the same time. Once we were at flying altitude the crew served dinner. Our dinner Saturday had been about 9 hours earlier, so we were a little hungry. Once dinner was out of the way, lights went down and we all fell asleep. Although it didn’t feel like it, M and I slept for about 4 hours on and off and the kids slept closer to 6! After that it was more movies, iPad, games and I think N had another little nap.

At 4:20am Taiwan time, we landed in Taipei. Shortly after departing the plane we were approached by someone who recognized M from our visit in February. We also met two other new to SPH families which made the 5-hour layover go much faster.

Another 5.5-hour flight and our kids didn’t sleep a wink. I tried, but the constant poking made it difficult. That may have been a good time to pull out the gravol, but I honestly didn’t even think about it.

Upon arrival in Jakarta, we were greeted by staff from SPH. Once all of us were accounted for, they took our passports and whisked us away, past all the lines to the baggage claim. I’m not sure quite what happened there, but they were able to get all our visas through and we didn’t have to wait in line, we just waited for all our luggage to come through. And boy was there a lot of it! All of our totes and suitcases, plus the many that came with the other two families made for a lot of luggage carts and a few grumpy kids. Our kids had only had about 6 hours of sleep in the last 48, they were entitled to be a little grumpy.

Luggage collected, we passed through customs and emerged from arrivals to be greeted by familiar faces. A couple who both work at the school, including the principal,  that we spent some time with on our first trip and who Mark has been working with remotely for a number of weeks. I began to tear up as emotions surged, feeling blessed for the way this journey has unfolded already and for feeling like we already had friends.

Our next task was to walk to the bus, load up all the luggage and climb aboard. I didn’t pay attention too well, but I think we had about an hour drive to our apartment. Not long into this drive, N nodded off and J told us he wasn’t sleepy as his eyes took longer and longer blinks. Then they were out. They were so out cold that we could barely wake them to get them out of the bus and up to our fifth-floor apartment. They hit their beds and didn’t wake up for another 13 hours. We tried to wake them for dinner, but it was so difficult we thought better of it and let them sleep. 3:30pm to 4:30am is a pretty good sleep. They made it to about 6:30pm tonight and will hopefully have another great sleep.

They are out!

M and I spent some time unpacking some essentials, looking around, enjoying our view and then gratefully found our sleep around 7pm.

Lots to unpack, but maybe in the morning.

One thought on “July 15-16 Airports and Arrivals

  1. It’s so great to read your update. Praying God’s blessing on your new home and for your family to grow closer to Him as you find your new normal in a new place.


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