Making the Most of It

What would you do with your free time if you had two and a half months before you moved out of the country?

When we accepted the job it was mid-March. About two weeks later, M booked our flights for mid-July. Now it’s May and we have two and a half months before our lives change and our new chapter begins.

M and I have visited BC together and have wanted to go back with our kids. We had plans to go this summer to visit family and explore new places. However, with a really BIG adventure coming up, plans changed. Our days have been quite full, our heads are full from a whirlwind life-changing decision, and there’s so much to do before we leave.

So we decided to drive down to Florida and spend some time relaxing. And that’s exactly what it was. We listened to audiobooks in the car, spent time every day at our hotel pool, went to the beach, checked out lots of nature preserves, saw wild alligators, watched TV in bed and ate out. Our focus was on our family and it was a really great time to relax. I brought my notebook along, thinking I would continue writing down things to do as I thought of them, things like, ‘I like my menu board, we should keep that’ and, ‘There’s all those vases I never use in the hall closet I should get rid of,’ or ‘ I wonder if anyone would want our houseplants?” But I didn’t touch my notebook, because I wasn’t thinking at all about our to-do list. It was a great way to recharge.


So now that May is here and we have two and a half months before we leave, we want to make the most of our time at home. Our weekends are filling up quickly with friends and family. We’re making the effort to see out of town friends.There are sleepovers and play dates for the kids and coffee dates with friends. And one thing that we keep saying we’ll do is to take our kids to a Blue Jays game and to Canada’s Wonderland. So guess what? We’re making a weekend of it! We even got to take our kids to see The Magician’s Nephew at the Shaw Festival. We also get to spend time with family at one of our favourite places in the world, Camp Crossroads.

When time seems short, you savor each moment, each relationship.

Life also needs balance, so let’s not get too carried away with all of the plans. One of my favourite places is in my garden so you can find me puttering around weeding and discovering what has poked its new, fresh leaves out of the ground and putting on my rain boots to make those last few changes I had planned in the fall. I will be making sure the kids get time at home, enjoying their spaces and playing with the neighbours. And let’s not forget all our favourite hiking spots. Can we trek them all before we go?

So what would you do if you only had a few months to fill before you move away?

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